A Carnival of Souls

Posted by Leo on 12/08-12 14:43.

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A Carnival of Souls
Area:The Savage Coast
Mission giver:Nicholas Winter
Position:546, 599
Reward:Green Chaos Focus


Destroy the Bogeyman

The Bogeyman is probably the hardest single player boss so far in the game. He has 11k health and have attacks that can kill you in an instant if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you don't know the the attacks he uses, you will die some times before you get it right.

He has 4 long cast abilities that you have to avoid. A short range debuff (stay outside range), a long range debuff (stay close), a carpet bombing (you see the circles forming on the ground, and you need to avoid these) and an aoe that can oneshot you (run out of sight behind the rock).

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