Sequin of Solomon Island vendors

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Sequin of Solomon Island vendors

Here is a list of the vendors that I have fund where you can pay with Sequin of Solomon Island tokens.

The Savage Coast

The vendor is near Red's Bait and Tackle at position 177, 854. The vendor sells QL5 weapons, glyphs and talismans.

Don't buy weapons from this vendor, instead buy QL6 weapons from the vendor in the Blue Mountain. You can reach the vendor without having to fight mobs.

AmuletNeck+214 Heal Rating555
MedallionNeck+817 Health555
PendantNeck+214 Attack Rating555
BandFinger+214 Heal Rating555
KnotFinger+817 Health555
RingFinger+214 Attack Rating555
BuckleWaist+137 Heal Rating530
BeltWaist+525 Health530
ChainWaist+137 Attack Rating530
Attuned glyphGlyphModerate Physical Protection,
Moderate Magic Protection
Fierce glyphGlyphModerate Penetration rating,
Moderate Critical Rating
All weaponsWeapon200 Weapon Power540
Casting Toolkit 030

The Blue Mountain

The vendor is in the Wabanaki Trailer Park at position 255, 647. The vendor sells QL6 weapons and glyphs.

Brutal glyphGlyphSubstantial Critical Rating615
Resilient glyphGlyphModerate Evade Rating,
Moderate Defense Rating
All weaponsWeapon235 Weapon Power650
Casting Toolkit 030

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